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Haleh Lekkos has spent the last 2 decades perfecting her craft as a renowned hair stylist and colorist. After training at Frederic Fekkai in Manhattan, Haleh focused her attention on color. Traveling between Aspen, Miami and New York City, Haleh was the go-to girl for those in search of exceptional hair color.

With the popularity of single treatment salons popping up all over the country, and noticing few affordable options for base color, Haleh created the concept of a salon where women could get base color at a competitive price. Noticing little change in the market over the last few years, Haleh decided it was the perfect time to make her dream a reality.

Base Color Bar is Brentwood’s premiere base color salon for women of all ages and hair colors. Whether you’re looking for jet-black or the fairest shade of blonde, Base Color Bar is a whole new concept in women’s hair color that won’t bust your budget. Base Color Bar is convenient, affordable and every bit a little luxury.